After a two week trial for my sons during a fun filled summer camp we registered them both, our oldest (7 years old in second grade) going to the full

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BULLYING/Stranger Danger Seminar

The Packet includes:

  • Statistics (not meant to scare but to inform)
  • Information/tips on becoming aware of each child's surroundings
  • Information/tips on bullying
  • Good vs. Bad Strangers (teaching your child who to go to for help)
  • Games and Role Play ideas (lots of fun!)
  • Tips on what to do if your child is missing
  • Safety tips to share with your child

BULLYING/Stranger Danger is a seminar offered to children of all ages, as well as their teachers and parents. During this one hour presentation, Samurai Karate Dojo staff will address difficult topics such as bullying, personal safety and ways of avoiding and coping with potentially dangerous situations.

Open (available upon request)

Email or call to schedule appointment


Ask how to schedule a Bullying/Stranger Danger seminar for your school, parent group, church group, playgroup, pre-school or daycare.