After a two week trial for my sons during a fun filled summer camp we registered them both, our oldest (7 years old in second grade) going to the full

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Awards & Achievements:

Samurai Karate Dojo is a proud member of "The Society of Harmonious Fists" under the supervision and teachings of Grand Master Balfour Wright, Hanshi with locations in the USA and Germany. (www.thekaratedojo.us)

Balfour Wright, Hanshi is the founder and Master Chief Instructor of the Society of Harmonious Fists with the World Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

Grand Master Wright is a direct student of Grand Master Sensei Peter Urban, the founder of American Goju Ryu Karate.

Grand Master Balfour Wright has awarded Ehab Ahmed the Title "Shihan" Master in the Arts and sciences of Goju Ryu Do Martial Combatives.

Shihan Ehab also holds a Second Degree Black belt in Shito Kay Karate Do.